Learn how to use git

check your local working directory for changes

git status

if 'nothing to commit, working tree clean' get the changes from remote repository

git pull origin master (or main)

if you want to start fresh from the remote repo

git reset --hard origin/master (or origin/main)


work now! after you have made changes

git add [specify filename]

or add ALL

git add .

work some more! if done

git add . (optional)
git commit -m "Write message"

see the difference you made

git diff origin main

send your changes to the remote repository

git push

if someone has changed something in the meantime you will get notified

git pull


git push

automatically close an open issue when pushing a commit

git commit -m "Sort more efficiently" -m "Closes #[INSERT_ISSUE_NO]]"
git push

Use git to collaborate

Write better commit messages

Read about conventional commits here

Got to GitLab or GitHub and fork the repository that you want to work with

Create a branch of your own

Push your changes to your branch

git push origin [branchname]

Get a single missing file from

git checkout origin/main [filename]

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